We bring you an all - inclusive hosting solution for all paid plans

Our cloud-based solution comes with hosting on fast and reliable servers and features:

Get access to premium plugins that allow you to enhance every aspect of your website.

Smush Pro

Optimize your image to lossless quality with this easy to use, highly sought-after plugin.

Hummingbird Pro

Enhance your website performance by boosting your Google PageSpeed, tackling file compression and more.

Defender Pro

Your website’s protector against hackers and bots. Securing you with shields and cloaking technology.

Hustle Pro

Marketing made easy for your website with pop-ups, social shares, email integration, opt-ins, and embeds.

Forminator Pro

Boost your user engagement with interactive polls and quizzes through a drag and drop interface.

SmartCrawl Pro

Elevate your PageRank by boosting your SEO, from automated checkups to site crawls, meta descriptions and more.

Beehive Pro

Add Google Analytics, monitor posts and pages, track data with GDPR compliance.

Branda Pro

Customize and white label WordPress without any coding, while having access to over 30 modules.

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