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Defender Pro

Protect your website from hackers, bots and various attacks with security shields and cloaking technology from Defender Pro.

Defender Pro Features

Keep your website secure at all times. From routine scans to two-factor authentication, IP lockout and many more security measures. 

Scheduled Security Scans

From scheduled scans, notification of suspicious activity to the resolution of issues.

2-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with two-factor authentication by linking up your phone.

IP Lockout

Nullify brute force attempts with manual and automatic IP ban and allowlist control.

Instant Email Alerts

Receive immediate email security alerts in addition to customized reports.

Vulnerability Reports

Get notified about security issues automatically through routine reviews of your website.

Geolocation Blocking

Block countries and protect your website from specific locations known for hackers and bots.

Google reCAPTCHA

Add reCAPTCHA to your login, registration and password reset pages.

Pwned Password Check

Passwords are checked against public database breach records.

User Agent Banning

Add user agents to a block or allow-list to avoid bad bots spamming your website.

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